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Leading By Example

Standard Service Websites

To show you what you can expect from our  Standard  service website here are a few examples.  All these companies and groups are ficticious, we've just used our imagination to create them.  (There is one page for each example - none of the link buttons actually work.)

Choir        Cricket        Drama        Hotel        Plumber        Shop

You will see that although we have designed a template for your website, each website will be unique.  Along with adding details about your company or group there are other elements that will change the whole appearance of your website.

Have Your Say!

You can become involved in choosing the building blocks of your website - such as colour, font, buttons and pictures - take a look at the  Choices  page to see what is available.

We do offer some extra facilities at an additional price but everything you see at this website has been written as a Standard service.

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