Cricket Club

Welcome to our Cricket Club - the home of Shires cricket.

Is there anything more English than the sound of leather upon willow?  Need to relax after a hard week at the office?  Come and join us as we battle it out the way Gentlemen should.  Spectating is free - the wind down is priceless.

All this season's matches are on our Fixtures page - further information from the Team Captain by phoning 12345 678910.  Day-of-match weather watch - to check if match is still on, phone 12345 678911 between 10-11am.

Winter doldrums?  Don't miss out - fortnightly Nets practice held at the community centre 7-9pm until further notice.  See Team News for details.


For your Cricket Club website we suggest:

A Team News page for members - include when Subs are due, when Nets starts etc.
How you can be contacted.
Whether you are taking on new members.
Season Fixtures.
Directions to each venue.
League Results.
FAQs - details of membership costs, kit, venue etc.
Club History and Records.
Details of planned tours.
This week's team - confirming who's in or out.
Weather Watch - letting players know if a game has been cancelled.

As well as initial design, we offer an 'Update' service - whether you need a new a season's fixtures added annually to announcing match results weekly.

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