13 The Arcade
Anytown, Anyshire

This is no ordinary candle shop - we sell all things great and small, from birthday candles to commissioned candle stands.

Come and browse and be surprised by what we can offer you.  We have a large selection of plain and simple candles, candles for birthdays, Christmas, ornaments, novelty as well as some beautiful handcrafted stands.  We even have encaustic paintings by a local artist.

Opening Hours:

Monday-Saturday:  9am to 5.30pm
Sunday:  Closed
Contact Us:

Phone:  12345 678910
Fax:  12345 678911
Email:  info@yourname.co.uk


Come and join us and make your own candle - Wednesday afternoons 2pm to 4.30pm.  Learn the craft of candlemaking and create your own masterpiece.  Group bookings can be made for any day (Sundays by arrangement).  Please ask for details of group prices.


Potential customers want to know basics about your shop/business:

Opening Hours.
What you sell/offer!
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Methods of Payment.
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Whether customers can order on-line or by phone.
Postal charges.
Returns policy.
Parking arrangements.

Please note.  Our Standard Service website does not include on-line selling.

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