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Your Website ~ Your Choice
Standard Choices

For your unique Standard website we have designed the outline, all you need to do is tell us about your business or group and what pages/information you want on your website.

However, if you want to make more of a contribution - read on ...

Become more involved

You can choose the fonts, buttons, pictures and banners to enhance the appearance of your website.  We have some samples to give you an idea - follow the links to see different colour backgrounds, buttons etc. 

Need Inspiration?

Click button to see webpage

Should you wish, you can help you choose the elements of your website, one bit at a time.  Look at the pages (links above) to see the different options; once you have made your choices we will produce a test website for you to view.  We can tweak it until it is how you want it to be.

Have a look at other websites - note what you like or dislike about them, what appeals or puts you off.

If it sounds too complicated, please don't be put off - it's not!
We can make those choices if you don't want to.

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