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Website Services from oodwooc


We can provide you with your very own website

Whether you want a website for a business, a club or your hobby our aim is to provide you with a basic website for a basic price, without skimping on detail or quality.  We offer three services - Design, Hosting and Extras (such as updating).

Our Design Services

Standard Service  - see details
With this service we write your website from the information you supply for the set-price shown on the Prices page.

Bespoke Service  - see details
If you are not sure what you want on your website, we can design it for you.  We will first learn about your business or group etc then design the website appropriate to your needs.  This service is provided on an 'Hourly' basis and therefore prices will vary.

We can also help you with Hosting your website and offer an Updating service to keep up with changes as they occur.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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