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How Much?

Prices below show our three services - DesignHosting  and Extras.  Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions.


Standard Service:      details

Single Page Website     Example  of a one-page website
- £75.00

Multiple Paged Website
- First 6 pages at £20.00 per page
- Next 6 pages at £18.00 per page
- Thereafter £16.00 per page (ie page 13 onwards)

Please note there is a minimum charge of £120.00 for multiple paged websites.

Bespoke Service:      details

If you would like a personally tailored website please contact us so we can discuss your requirements and give you an individual price.  Expect to pay upwards of £500 depending on number of pages and features needed.


You can organise your own hosting or we will be happy to organise it for you. 

We charge £35.00 to organise hosting for your website

Note:  This is purely our fee for organising a hosting package - the hosting company's fee is additional to our fee.

Costs of hosting packages vary from company to company.  We prefer you to pay the hosting company directly, but if you feel unable to do this we can do it for you.


We offer all sort of 'extras' but if there's anything else you want please ask.

Adding A New Page    Adding A Visitor Counter    Creating Buttons    Creating Page Banners    Creating Pictures    Setting Up Email Addresses    Updating Pages    Uploading Your Website

Creating Buttons For Links     details

Creating simple buttons (as used on this website) is included in the price of writing your website.

However, we can also create something unique/special for you.  You can send us a picture or detailed description of what you want and we will create the button.

Made from your picture - £20.00 per set
Created by us from your description - £25.00 for first hour, £15.00 thereafter

Creating Page Banners     details/examples

Most websites will have an identifying banner at the top of their pages.  This may be a company logo or perhaps a photograph, etc.

We will be happy to include your own design free of charge.

For our Standard Service web design the cost of producing a simple banner using colour and text is included in the fee - see the 'Treble Makers' example by following the link above.

Should you want a more individual banner, where we can include photographs or graphics, we charge:

- £25.00 for the first hour
- £15.00 per hour thereafter

Please note we are not graphic designers!  Our work is made up of pictures/photographs using image manipulation software and our imagination.

Using/Creating Pictures For Your Website     details

Adding pictures to a webpage enhances the appearance and breaks up blocks of text.  We are happy to add your pictures and photographs to your website free of charge.

Pictures we add in are included in the price too.

If want us to work on pictures or photographs, or create something for you, we may need to charge you for this.  We we will let you know in advance if this is the case.

Please note if your website's purpose is to display photographs/pictures, please contact us so we can discuss this individually.

Most hosting packages come with email addresses.  If you would like us to set up your email addresses we charge:

£20.00 - for up to 5 email addresses
£10.00 - for each additional 5 email addresses if all set up at the same time

Uploading Your Website
We can upload your website to your hosting company's site.  We will require the necessary credentials (as supplied by the hosting company) to gain access to their computer.

- Free uploading of websites written by us
- £25.00 - for first hour
- £15.00 - per hour thereafter

Once access is gained to the host's computer, uploading generally doesn't take long - only a very large website will take longer than the hour.

Adding A Visitor Counter     details

We will be happy to add a visitor counter to your Home page. 

We provide our 'no frills' counter free of charge.

There are various companies offering a service to provide you with various statistics, usually for an annual fee.  If you provide us with the code from your chosen company we will include the counter on your website free of charge.

If you would like us to organise this we charge £35.00.  Please note this is our fee for dealing with the company and does not include their fee for usage.

Please be aware using counters uses functions your hosting company must support.  For our counter this means supporting '.asp'.

Updates and New Pages

From time to time you may require your pages to be updated or new pages added.  We are happy to provide this service for the prices shown below.

Please note:  Adding to and updating pages written by us is straightforward.  However, if your pages have been written by someone else we will need to discuss details with you first.

New Pages:
- £20.00 per page for first 5 pages (minimum charge £30.00)
- £17.50 per page thereafter

- Minor updates - £20.00 for the first page, £15.00 per page thereafter
- Major updates - £20.00 for the first hour, £15.00 per hour thereafter

Minor updates are defined as taking less than one hour to complete - basics such as change of contact details, dates of meetings etc do not take long.

Major updates are defined as taking longer than one hour to complete.  Whereas you may consider something to be called an Update, we may consider it to be a Re-Write!

We will be happy to discuss these differences and what you can expect to pay for your individual needs.

Once a page has been written or updated we will either:
  • email it to you as an attachment.
  • send it to you on a CD.
  • Providing we have access, we are happy to upload pages directly to your website host free of charge.

If you require more frequent, regular updates (ie weekly) - please ask for a price.

Please note:  once work has been completed we do not offer a refund on these services

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