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Page Banners

A page banner is the picture or text that goes at the top of each page - a common feature your visitors will quickly come to recognise and associate with you.  It can be a company logo or picture or just text and can include details such as how you can be contacted.  The number of designs are only limited by our imaginations.

Here are a few examples of banners we have created which have been used in websites we have written:

Treble Makers - website is for its members only

The Swindon Scratch Choir - www.swindonscratchchoir.co.uk

The Pilgrim Centre, Swindon - www.pilgrimcentre.co.uk

and the Pilgrim Centre's two sub-domains for the Roundabout Café and Central Church:

SMW Credit Control - www.smwcc.co.uk

Be Different!

Not every page has to have the same banner, our 'oodwooc' website has different banners depending on what part of the site the visitor is in:

oodwooc Home page - www.oodwooc.co.uk

Wiltshire Collections page at oodwooc - www.oodwooc.co.uk/Aubrey.htm

oodwooc Family History page - www.oodwooc.co.uk/family_html/Intro.htm

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