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Examples of Background Colour

The colour of background you choose for your website will set the mood and is therefore probably the most important element to get right.  No pressure then!

We have produced a web page - for a fictitious plumber - and have given it different backgrounds for you to see the difference colours make.  These are only a few examples - you can choose from thousands of colours.  And remember, once you have chosen a colour, it isn't set in stone - it can be changed.

Click button to see webpage in different colours

If you have a particular colour background in mind, send us a sample as .jpg, .gif, .bmp etc.  If you choose a dark colour background, you will need to choose a lighter colour for the text so it shows up.

Be Even More Colourful!

You could even have different colours in each area of the page.

Each of our Standard website pages have different areas - there is the main background colour and then the 'content' areas.  Each area can be a different colour, or all the same.

Below are examples of one page showing different options for background colour. 

Pic 1. Background and content areas all one colour Pic 2. All content areas in white

Pic 3. Only centre content area in white Pic 4. Different content areas shown in red, green, pink and yellow

Please do not be worried by all this choice - we just want to show you what you can choose to do, not what you should choose.  Sometimes less is more!

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